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The new MicroPower Guard® Diamond air cleaner and replacement filter pads

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The introduction of the new One Hour MicroPower Guard® Diamond
     One Hour franchises are like any other business ...always looking for ways to improve the bottom line.  The introduction of the new One Hour MicroPower Guard® Diamond air cleaner helps contractors increase their bottom line.  The MicroPower Guard® Diamond filter is manufactured by Innereco and incorporates a slightly different method for energizing the media pad.  Click here to learn more about the origins of the original MicroPower Guard® filter, One Hour and Natures Home.

Demand to see the test report!
     This change in manufacturers and the method of energizing the media pad may affect the efficiency of the filtration, however, we cannot confirm this since Clockwork Home Services (parent company of Natures Home and One Hour) will not provide, even to their customers, a copy of the test reports.  As you can see here  (test report for Electro Breeze air cleaner), Electro Breeze is eager to show off the ability of their air cleaner.  No tricks, no twisting of the data, just straight up testing in an approved facility by an independent third party.


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MicroPower Guard Diamond air cleaner

Take a look at the claims on the sales brochure for the MicroPower Guard® Diamond filter

Beware of Imitators!

MicroPower Guard® Diamond

New Diamond Cut Aluminum Screen! Larger holes- particles hit the media not the screen!
It has been shown that the Diamond Cut on the screen leaves sharp edges.  Be careful when you handle this unit!

New Scrim Process! Fibers stay more intact; cleaner look, better fit!
The Scrim is the mesh covering on the filter pad.  You will find this on all fiberglass filter pads, since it is required.  No change here from the old style.

High-Output Power Source With Lifetime Warranty!
How high?  Any test reports?  Any efficiency data?  Since this is a new manufacturer, time will tell if this warranty is worth it.

Easy Maintenance! No washing or chemical cleaning required! Eco-friendly replacement pads take moments to change
Same pads, same requirements for maintenance, no change or improvement here from the old style.

The MicroPower Guard® Diamond air cleaner uses polarized media technology, which generates an active electromagnetic field to charge both the airborne particles and the fibers of the disposable carbon-filled media pad. Polarized particles stick to both the media and to each other.This creates a virtual force field within the ductwork, capturing 97% of the most dangerous-to-breathe submicron airborne particles at 0.3 microns (testing?). The MicroPower Guard Diamond is your first step (second step, the first step is to remove the source as much as possible) in improving the indoor air quality of your home and is an essential component of any whole-house air purification system.

Economical Operation! Diamond screen alleviates “facing loading” for better air flow
Face loading is not affected as the face of the filter has not changed, only the design of the screen.  If the face of your filter will plug with the old MicroPower Guard, it will not plug any less with the new screen design.

Powerful air filtration for the price of a 40 watt light
A 40 watt bulb will cost you roughly $40 per year in energy usage.  The MicroPower Guard® Diamond pads get changed out every quarter at a cost of anywhere between $25-$50 each.  The cost of the energy usage is about $2 per year.  That adds up to at least $102 for one year of use.  I guess they are adding in a $62 light fixture.

Activated carbon center of the disposable media pad helps absorb odors and gases
Same as the old style   Update: One Hour MicroPower Guard replacement pads no longer incorporate a full carbon sheet, but only a carbon strip with carbon impregnated strings running the length of the pad.

Not just a passive furnace filter, but a combination of two principals: filtration and electrostatic attraction
Same as the old style

Fits easily into your existing one-inch furnace filter area
Same as the old style

Replacement media pads available in economical three-packs and four-packs
Or even more economical 6-Pack +1 free as seen below.

Each disposable media pad remains at peak operating efficiency for three to four months before replacement is needed
Same as the old style

     Most likely, you have already purchased the Natures Home MicroPower Guard® Diamond air filter or the One Hour Xenon MicroPower Guard® Diamond air cleaner.  That is how you found this page.  We are not attempting to talk you into returning your unit, but we would like to help you keep your ongoing costs down by offering the replacement pads at a much more affordable price than your local supplier or installer.  According to our customers, the MicroPower Guard® Diamond replacement filter pads are about $25-$50 each.  The Electro Breeze replacement pads are available for order below.

MicroPower Guard® replacement pads vs. Electro Breeze replacement pads

All Electro Breeze air cleaner pads are made from verified materials tested and designed especially for polarized media air cleaners like the Electro Breeze air cleaners.

Electro Breeze test report

Quantity discounts on Electro Breeze replacement filter pads.
The more you buy, the more you save!


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Standard size
Electro Breeze Replacement Media Air Filter Pads
Custom orders are available if you do not see your size here.  No extra charge for custom sizes, just call 800-916-7873 so you get the right size the first time.


Electro Breeze Replacement Media Air Filter Pads
Custom orders are available if you do not see your size here.  No extra charge for custom sizes, just call 800-916-7873 so you get the right size the first time.


Compare Electro Breeze air cleaner with Dynamic air cleaner, Nature’s Home MicroPower Guard® air cleaner and One Hour Xenon MicroPower Guard® air cleaner

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