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Notice to those shopping for Dynamic, Natures Home Micro Power Guard® and One Hour Xenon Power Guard® air cleaner replacement media filter pads!  Electro-Breeze replacement filters are materially the same product at a lower price.  Click here to learn more

All Electro Breeze air cleaner pads are made from verified materials tested and designed especially for polarized media air cleaners like the Electro Breeze air cleaners.

Electro Breeze test report

Quantity discounts on Electro Breeze replacement filter pads.
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Click on your panel size according to the size of the panel, not the actual pad size.
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Standard size
Electro Breeze Replacement Media Air Filter Pads
Custom orders are available if you do not see your size here.  No extra charge for custom sizes, just call 800-916-7873 so you get the right size the first time.


Electro Breeze Replacement Media Air Filter Pads
Custom orders are available if you do not see your size here.  No extra charge for custom sizes, just call 800-916-7873 so you get the right size the first time.


Yellow filter pads?

You wanted yellow filter pads, you've got them!  We are now shipping yellow filter pads because you asked for them.  Click here to see our statement on changing to the yellow filter pads.


Do not measure the pad itself!
     Panel size is labeled on black track of your panel.  Please order your pads using this panel size.

Examples of media part numbers:

  • AirRanger 3LPG1625C24 (16x25 panel size)
  • Dynamic C3P1625 (16x25 panel size)
  • MicroPower Guard C4P1625 (16x25 panel size)
  • Electro Breeze 16x25 (16x25 panel size)
  • Custom size C4PAD211/2251/2X (This is for a SpaceGuard retrofit at 21.5x25.5 EXACT)
  • One Hour MicroPower Guard LPOH-FIEDG-42025R / 230-7LP-42025R

Unconditional Guarantee!
We are so confident in the Electro Breeze pads that if they do not perform to your expectations, we will refund your purchase price up to 90 days from date of purchase! (refund policy here)

I have been using the Electro Breeze for years.  My wife and I both have allergies and we are pleased with  the performance of the Electro Breeze compared to the MicroPower Guard®.  Thank you for the cost savings and the great service.                               E. L.,  Mulberry, FL


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Some of the brands manufactured by Electro Breeze:

  • Aeriale air cleaner
  • Captura CPF-P6100 air cleaner
  • Electro Breeze air cleaner
  • Electro Filter air cleaner
  • FreshAire UV PLP
  • Garrison GAR-P6100 air cleaner
  • Patriot IAQ
  • Platinum IAQ air cleaner
  • Premier One Pure Flo P6100 air cleaner
  • P6100 Premium Air Quality Specialists air cleaner
  • Warrior IAQ

Some of the brands manufactured by Dynamic:

  • Air Ranger air cleaner
  • AlpinePure ET for Water Furnace Geothermal units
  • American Air and Heat air cleaner
  • ARS Rescue Rooter air cleaner
  • Biologic3 air cleaner
  • Clean Air Defense System AirRanger
  • Dynamic air cleaner
  • EarthPure air cleaner for ClimateMaster Geothermal units
  • EcoHealthy Home air cleaner
  • EnviroAire IAQ air cleaner
  • GreenHomes America air cleaner
  • Natures Home Micro Power Guard®
  • One Hour Xenon Power Guard®
  • Perfect Air Plus air cleaner
  • Pristine Air air cleaner
  • PureAiRx air cleaner
  • SolaceAir air cleaner
  • SpacePak PurePak
  • StratosAire air cleaner

NOTE:  Yellow or Blue coloring of pads is simply different dye colors.  There is no difference in performance or quality.

High quality replacement pads at the lowest prices!

     Electro Breeze whole house air filter pads should be changed between 2-4 months to ensure a clean air environment.  

     Electro Breeze whole house air filter pads can also be used in some of our competitors polarized media air cleaners.  Instructions are included to fit the Electro Breeze replacement pads to the Dynamic air cleaner filter, Natures Home Micro Power Guard®, AlpinePure ET and One Hour Xenon Power Guard® air cleaners.

While others can implement the Electro Breeze brand, no one makes a filter to replace the Electro Breeze.  

Electro-Breeze replacement media air filter pads can also be used in:

Dynamic 1 inch panels P1000
Dynamic 2 inch panels P2000
Dynamic RS2 1400
Dynamic RS3 1400
Dynamic RS2 2400
Dynamic RS3 2400
Dynamic OH1010
Dynamic CT-100
Dynamic CT-500
PureAiRx Air Cleaner
P6100 Premium Air Quality Specialists Air Cleaner

Aeriale Air Cleaner
FreshAire UV PLP
Perfect Air Plus Air Cleaner
SolaceAir Air Cleaner
StratosAire Air Cleaner
SpacePak PurePak AC-RBC-2
SpacePak PurePak AC-RBC-3
SpacePak PurePak AC-RBC-5
PremierOne Pure Flo P6100 Air Cleaner
Pristine Air Air Cleaner
Biologic3 Air Cleaner
Clean Air Defense System AirRanger

Air Ranger Air Cleaner
Electro-Filter Air Cleaner
Garrison GAR-P6100

Green Homes America
Natures Home MicroPower Guard®
Natures Home MicroPower Guard® Diamond
One Hour Xenon MicroPower Guard®
One Hour Xenon MicroPower Guard® Diamond
MicroGuardian AirScrubber® III
AlpinePure ET for the Water Furnace brand geothermal hydronic units
EarthPure air cleaner for the ClimateMaster geothermal units

Statement on changing to the YELLOW filter pads

Air Life Environmental is a customer service driven company, always seeking relevant feedback and continuously improving our products to meet your needs.

You, the customer, have requested that we offer our replacement pads in a color that shows dirt better to help make it easier to keep track of when to change your filter pad.  We are now offering all of our pads in the bright yellow that you preferred.

As you may already know, this change does not alter the performance or the efficiency of the air cleaner.  It is simply a dye difference during the manufacturing process.  The fiberglass is still made to the same high standards and provides the superior air cleaning you expect from Electro Breeze.

We are pleased to offer this improvement to our replacement pads to help you keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency while reducing harmful airborne contaminants in the air you breathe.

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