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Air Purifiers and Ozone

Clean air, Good.  Ozone, Bad.

     Electronic air purifiers and ozone should not mix.  Ozone is a naturally occurring gas.  It is the freshness you smell after an electrical storm.  Initially, this sounds like something good for you.  As with most single elements, too much exposure as a single element is harmful and has lost its goodness without its partner elements.  

     Ozone, by itself is an oxidizer and can damage rubber, plastic and living cells.  In our experience, we have seen customers, who have chosen to use ozone producing electronic air purifiers, realize positive dramatic results initially, but over time their health has actually declined beyond where it started.

Electronic Precipitators vs. Polarized Media

     Nearly all of the electronic air cleaners on the market are described by the US EPA as electronic precipitators.  Electro Breeze utilizes polarized media to attain a 97% efficiency down to 0.3 microns (What is a micron?).  All of the electronic precipitators that the US EPA advises against using, produce ozone as a by-product.


     Through the introduction of electrical current into the fiberglass and carbon media, NO OZONE is ever produced.  This gives you complete confidence in the Electro Breeze electronic air purifiers being applied to your nurseries, pet residences, adult foster care homes, outpatient facilities, dental facilities, anywhere that clean air is necessary for the customers comfort.

Ultra-violet light and Ozone

     Ozone can also be generated by ultra violet light.  Electro Breeze ultra violet systems operate at 254 nm to ensure that no ozone is produced.  Outside of this range may result in ozone being produced as a by-product.  When comparing products to the Electro Breeze system, remember that manufacturers often do not disclose that their products produce ozone as a by-product.  All of the Electro Breeze central air filters are held to a strict standard of NO OZONE, and are compliant with the UL listings and CSA certification.  Click here to see CSA/UL compliance.

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