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Frequently Asked Questions

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     The questions below are what we hear everyday from regular folks.  If you have questions other than what you might see below, feel free to call or email and we will respond as soon as possible.  Thank you for visiting Electro Breeze Supply.

1.  Everything I see on your site seems to indicate that the replacement pads for the Electro Breeze brands and the Dynamic brands are interchangeable.  Do they really fit the same and work the same?

     Yes.  The testing has been done to determine the efficiency comparison to Dynamic brands (Natures Home Micro Power Guard®, One Hour Xenon Micro Power Guard®, AlpinePure ET and SpacePak PurePak included).  In fact, the Electro Breeze company was determined from the start, to be a direct replacement for the Dynamic brand systems.  Click here to see the testing.

2.  This whole program is too good to be true.  How can something so effective, so simple be so affordable?

     The technology is simple, so it is relatively inexpensive to manufacture.  The engineers at Electro Breeze have worked very hard to make this system simple to operate and maintain in order to keep costs down for the homeowner.  All of their research and development is directed at homeowner maintenance.  We at Electro Breeze Supply are working hard to keep your maintenance costs down by increasing our volume of sales.  This increased volume lowers our costs, allowing us to pass those savings on to you, the consumer, so we appreciate your referrals.

3.  I have seen other electrostatic filters that are washable.  Can you clean out the Electro Breeze replacement pads?

     Some of our customers will vacuum their replacement pads to make them last longer, but this generally only removes the large dust particles and does very little to extend the life of the pad.  Remember, the filter is capturing microscopic particles and it is loading from the inside out.  The pad may not even look dirty from the outside, but if you cut a corner off, you will see that the carbon sheet is loaded.  No part of the panel is to be washed with liquids.  This is an electronic appliance and should never be serviced while plugged in or operated in a wet environment.  Water and electricity still do not mix well.  While the power head circuitry is moisture resistant to prevent corrosion, the unit is not designed to be water proof.  Make sure no water or liquids will come into contact with your unit.

4.  Since the Electro Breeze and Dynamic replacement pads are interchangeable, are there any other brands that can be interchanged?

     No.  So far, only the Electro Breeze and Dynamic brands are interchangeable.  The specially processed fiberglass is only used in those two brands.  Other polarized media units use polyester or nylon batting that will not work in the Electro Breeze or Dynamic brands (including Natures Home Micro Power Guard®, One Hour Xenon Micro Power Guard®, AlpinePure ET and SpacePak PurePak).

5.  Sometimes I hear a snapping sound when I install a new pad.   Should I be concerned?

     It is normal to hear some snapping when you install a new pad.  This is a result of moisture trapped in the pad.  This should stop snapping within a few minutes.  If you have continual snapping, please call and we will try to diagnose your situation by phone.

6.  Someone mentioned the Electro Breeze being used in casinos for reducing second hand smoke.  Is this the same system?

     Yes, but in a different configuration.  The Electro Breeze systems used in commercial and industrial air handlers are usually 2 inch panels.  The system operates just the same, so your 1 inch panel is a thinner version of the preferred technology that casinos use for the control of second hand smoke.

7.  What makes the Electro Breeze GREEN?

     The units are made out of recyclable metals which reduces the possibility of old units being tossed into landfills.  By using the Electro Breeze systems, casinos and other commercial buildings are lowering the amount of bulk items (cartridge or bag filters) ending up in landfills.  Since the nature of a filter is to capture contaminants, currently there are no programs for recycling filter material.  The technology of the system uses less electricity than a comparable high efficiency passive filter (HEPA), so carbon emissions are reduced.  Electro Breeze is continuously looking for ways to improve their design to be more environmentally responsible.

8.  Why is the Electro Breeze only sold online?

     It has been our experience that when shoppers are in a store and suddenly remember they need a new filter, they do not always remember their filter size.  The result is a high number of returns just because of a simple mistake.  This means the supplier has to charge a higher price to recover the cost of the exchange.  This is not a direction of growth.  We are working very hard to keep your costs low and stay in business at the same time.

9.  When I install the Electro Breeze air cleaner or pads, is there an air flow direction?

     The Electro Breeze replacement pads are universal and can be used in all polarized media air cleaners.  You simply lay them in however they fit best and close the air cleaner frame.  There is NO direction of air flow for either the air cleaner or the pads.  With that said, there is a cut-out for the plug on the frame and we would suggest you position that cut-out facing away from the blower, so you get a better seal and less chance of the air whistling through the opening.

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