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Compare Polarized Media Brands

Shipping is delayed about 2-3 weeks, but if you need a pad right away, just let us know in the special instructions during checkout and we'll get one to you as soon as possible at no additional charge.

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     Since no other manufacturer of a whole house air filter offers an ultra-violet kit to accompany their electronic air cleaner, this comparison is limited to the actual electronic air cleaner panel and components only.  Comparison includes actual experience of our customers, not just a timed and controlled condition testing environment.

Electro Breeze has the highest quality replacement pads

     The Electro Breeze replacement pads can be used in the Dynamic, One Hour Xenon Power Guard®, Nature’s Home Micro Power Guard®, Aeriale, Electro Filter and Premier One electronic air cleaners.  Using the Electro Breeze replacement pads in the low quality electronic air cleaners may result in a constant snapping noise.  It is not recommended that you use the Electro Breeze replacement pads for the Envirosept, Cimatec or TFI style electronic air cleaners.

The names in bold are the manufacturer for the brands listed beneath them.  All of the attributes for the brands will be the same from each of their respective manufacturers.



TFI Company, Inc
Amana A1EAC
Goodman G1EAC
Totaline CG1000

One Hour Xenon MicroPower Guard®
Nature’s Home MicroPower Guard®
and others

Electro Breeze
Electro Filter
Premier One


Large particles to 1 micron (No Merv)

No efficiency data
Merv 10

97% down to 0.3 microns (Merv 13)

97% down to 0.3 microns (Merv 13)


Integral screen prone to poor conductivity

Integral screen prone to poor conductivity

History of faulty powerhead

Waterproof powerhead, corrosion resistant electrode


5 year

2 year

5 year

5 year


Plastic reinforced corners

Plastic reinforced corners

Loose, sharp corners

Plastic reinforced corners

Replacement pads

2-piece polyfiber
No carbon

2-piece polyfiber
No carbon

3-piece fiberglass with carbon or mesh core

3-piece fiberglass with carbon or mesh core

Shipping from manufacturer

Shipping within 7 days

Hard to find distributors

Shipping within 10 days

Shipping within 24 hours

Custom sizes

Extra charge

Extra charge

Extra charge

No extra charge




$695.00 includes 2 replacement pads

$395.00 includes 24V power adapter and 5 replacement pads


Poor Quality

Poor Quality

Good Quality

Premium Quality

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