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SpacePak PurePak air cleaner replacement filter pads

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SpacePak PurePak Air Filter

     One way to reduce labor and mistakes is to standardize components of systems that are repeated from house to house.  Ductwork fabrication can become a real chore to calculate from one home to the next, as needs, layout and room sizes can all become deciding factors for determining the correct size air filter opening.

     SpacePak is well known for their innovative high velocity air conditioning systems and have added the PurePak air filter at the intake opening in three standard sizes.  This helps the contractor with easy installation and the homeowner with improved air quality.  The SpacePak PurePak air filter operates the same as all the other Dynamic products, with a polarized media air filter pad at an efficiency of 97% down to 0.3 microns.

SpacePak PurePak Air Cleaner Unit


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SpacePak PurePak Brochure (pdf)

Electro Breeze brand replacement media pads for the SpacePak PurePak air cleaner units


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See below for part numbers to help order the correct size

To help you order the correct size, look for these numbers on your SpacePak unit:

ESP-2430 for the AC-RBC-2

ESP-3642 for the AC-RBC-3

ESP-4860 for the AC-RBC-5

Media part numbers for the SpacePak PurePak:

45W27RWG0037-02 for the AC-RBC-2 (appx 14.5x25.5)

45W27RWG0037-03 for the AC-RBC-3 (appx 14.5x30.5)

45W27RWG0037-04 for the AC-RBC-5 (appx 14.5x36.5)

     By purchasing the SpacePak PurePak air filter, you have improved your indoor air quality immensely.  However, our customers have told us that the original pads from SpacePak are not sized well and allow for leakage around the edges of the pads.  When you order here, we will send you the correct size SpacePak PurePak replacement media air filter pads to help improve your units performance.  Our affordable pricing on SpacePak PurePak replacement media air filter pads helps keep your ongoing maintenance costs in line.

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