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Cost of Sick Days

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     The cost of absenteeism is counted in the billions of dollars and has been noted by Workforce Management, that it has been underestimated by as much as 35%.  A significant portion of the absenteeism is attributed to health related issues.  It is a well known fact that adults breathe 15,000 quarts of air each day and 94% of all respiratory ailments are caused by polluted air.  You need to find the best air cleaner you can afford.

How much does absenteeism cost
     The rate of unscheduled absenteeism in the workplace at 2.3 percent barely budged since last year, but the average per employee cost has risen to $660 per employee.  Nearly 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold.  The national average cost per pupil is $54.81 per day.  This is wasted money if the child is not in school.  Just counting lost time for students puts the cost into the billions of dollars.

Calculating the cost
     Can we truly calculate the cost?  Any of these estimates are bound by dollars spent in one aspect or another, but how do you put a price on lost lung capacity, toxin build-up from mold exposure, bacteria and other common bio-aerosols in the home, workplace or school?  Those who contract allergic symptoms (including children) spend less time in groups and less time doing physical activities.  Once the allergy is developed, there is no cure, only chasing the symptoms with medicine and being confined to a controlled environment.  You need to find the best air cleaner you can afford.

How much does just cleaning the air really help?
     By improving the indoor air quality, schools have reported a reduction in absenteeism by 61%, teacher sick days by 50% and inhaler use by 70%.  By these statistics, the Electro Breeze air cleaner system would pay for itself in no time.  Since the Electro Breeze air cleaner system can be adapted to any form of air handling unit world wide, the choice is clear.  Low cost, easy maintenance and high efficiency means more bottom line and better health as well.  Click here to learn more about how to retrofit your system with the Electro Breeze air cleaner system.