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Dynamic RS-3 ultraviolet air cleaner replacement filter pads

Dynamic RS-3 ultraviolet air cleaner
     The Dynamic RS-3 UV Air Cleaner is a prefabricated V-Bank filter module that is designed to capture particles very efficiently.  By including the ultraviolet lamp to the filter housing, any of the biologicals (mold spores, bacteria, viruses, etc.) passing through will be sterilized and rendered impotent.  The Dynamic RS-3 UV Air Cleaner’s V-Bank allows for the use of large filters in a smaller area.  This gives more dust loading capacity and longer periods between filter changes.  It is recommended to change the filter pads twice a year and the ultraviolet bulb once a year.  While this is the recommendation from Dynamic AQS, it has been our experience that customers still prefer to change their filter pads every 3 months to ensure the best air quality possible from the Dynamic RS-3 UV Air Cleaner.


Dynamic RS-3 Installation and Operators Guide

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Beware of Imitators!

     The Dynamic RS-3 ultraviolet air cleaners are well built units and are effective to produce what they claim, but to compare the results with the Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit, you get the same results at a much more affordable price.  According to our research on pricing for the Dynamic RS-3 ultraviolet air cleaner including installation, we found these units to cost over $2,500.  The Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit can be installed by the homeowner in about 20 minutes at an affordable price.

Dynamic RS-3 UV Air Cleaner Maintenance

     If you have already purchased the Dynamic RS-3, we would like to help you keep your ongoing costs down by offering the replacement pads at a much more affordable price than your local supplier or installer.  Click here for air filter replacement pads.

     According to our customers, the Dynamic RS-3 Air Cleaner air filter replacement pads are about $25-$50 each.  You will find the Electro Breeze replacement pads to be much more affordable.

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